The MAN TGE on a mission as mobile coronavirus test station

We are doing our part to help contain the COVID-19 pandemic with the MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle.

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PCR tests with the MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle

The worldwide pandemic has had a firm grip on us and our social life for several months now. Together with renowned experts and partners, we have developed an innovative, practicable overall concept to contribute to the containment of local infection incidents in the COVID-19 pandemic.May we introduce? The MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle. As a mobile test station, our MAN TGE comes to where it is needed, where a new hotspot is nascent or where facilities and areas are in acute need for testing. In our special vehicle we can carry out PCR tests with a capacity of more than 500 tests per day. Results are available after less than one hour.

Fast test results

Thanks to integrated SARS-CoV-2 test devices, the results of the PCR tests are usually available after less than one hour. With a fully automated analysis process and a continuously digital process chain, we gain a decisive time advantage in breaking through chains of infection and thus putting a hold to the spread of the virus.

Flexible and mobile

The MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle quickly gets to where a new hotspot is nascent, where test and laboratory facilities are limited, or where stationary test centres are not available at all. This means that test capacities can be relocated immediately as required and used where they are needed.

Advanced medical technology

The MAN TGE is equipped with innovative diagnostic technology. The process of test evaluation is based on the latest state of the art in molecular diagnostics (PCR test). No external laboratory needs to be consulted. We make no compromises when it comes to infection control and hygiene standards.

Our competent partner network

The innovative vehicle concept was developed in unique cooperation with experts from medical technology, doctors, disease control specialists and our partners from the commercial vehicle industry.

Vision, idea & vehicle concept

  • Cooperation MAN Truck & Bus with Leeloo Engineering and Leeloo Medical

Conversion, interior & body

  • Cooperation between MAN Bus Modification Center Plauen and AMS Ambulanzmobile

Protection against infections & epidemics plus patient handling

  • Expert advice from ambulance service provider MKT-Krankentransport and the Desease Control Unit of the Medizinisches Katastrophen-Hilfswerk Deutschland e.V. (MHW)

Medical technology, test equipment & laboratory diagnostics

  • In a pilot project with aprimeo diagnostics.

How to use the MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle

A smooth process from vehicle booking to vehicle cleaning: The MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle goes where it is needed. On site, swab collection, test evaluation and communication of the results are carried out in an integrated process.

Innovative vehicle concepts

The basis of the MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle is a MAN TGE with a 177 HP turbo-diesel engine which has been specially modified to meet medical requirements. The compact version additionally offers all-wheel drive.

Technical data
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The compact version of the MAN TGE

  • High test capacity and reduced disinfection effort
  • Swab collection is performed outside the vehicle
  • Also on board: 16 SARS-CoV-2 test devices in an innovative, low-vibration rack system

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The extended version of the MAN TGE with patient room

  • High flexibility for acute test requirements and frequent changes of location
  • Integrated, separate patient room for swab collection with two electric doors
  • Separate room with 8 SARS-CoV-2 test devices in a low-vibration rack system

Practice-oriented vehicle equipment

The cargo area of the extended vehicle version of the MAN TGE has two separate areas. One for swab collection and one diagnostic area for examining the samples. In the compact version, the diagnostic area extends over the entire cargo area. Swab collection is performed outside the vehicle.

The equipment of the patient room and the diagnostic room in detail:

  • Two automatic sliding doors (extended vehicle version only) for separate entry and exit
  • Lighting concept for the interior workstation and electronic, illuminated step
  • Auxiliary air-conditioning system and independent heating
  • Washbasin with non-contact water tap
  • Refrigerator with lock
  • Internet-compatible thanks to MAN Telematics Box
  • 220 V socket for computers, printers and other devices for data acquisition and processing
  • Stowage facility for non-contact access to masks, gloves, protective suits and disinfectants
  • External box for the disposal of contaminated material
  • External power supply option

Diagnostics at the latest state of the art

Depending on the vehicle version, the MAN Coronavirus Diagnostic Vehicle provides 8 or 16 SARS-CoV-2 test devices, arranged in a user-friendly manner in a special, low-vibration rack system. Thanks to its modular design, the special vehicle can also be used for other medical purposes.

Innovative test equipment

Innovative test equipment

The on-board SARS-CoV-2 test devices meet the highest standards of molecular diagnostics – for the fully automated PCR test, no additional clean room is required. The test devices can be operated without requiring laboratory personnel.

Fully automatic analysis process

Fully automatic analysis process

The sample is taken from the nose or throat with a swab and placed in a cartridge without further preparation. The cartridge, which already contains all the reagents required for the test, is then processed fully automatically in the test device. As each cartridge is a self-contained system, the risk of infection during handling is minimal. The cartridges or samples do not require cooling.

High quality standard

High quality standard

The coronavirus quick test, which can be performed in the vehicle, meets the quality standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The use of a CE-certified 5-pooling system allows test capacities to be bundled: more than 500 test results per vehicle can be generated daily*. The test results are usually available after less than one hour and can be directly forwarded to the test person via a digital interface.

*Requirements: 16 test devices, 12 h two-shift operation

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