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Ready for all Missions, except Emissions.

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The drivetrains in comparison

Electric drivetrain or diesel engine? That depends on the application!

The roadmap

July 2018: Ready for the series launch– eTGE production is starting up at MAN.

The roadmap

September 2018: The first major presentation of the MAN eTGE at the IAA Commercial Vehicles. A symbolic key handover to a customer for the first eTGE will take place on September 24th.

The roadmap

Deliveries of the MAN eTGE will begin as early as 2018.

The roadmap

November 2018: Our plant canteen drives eTGE – supporting an environmental project of the city of Munich.

The eTGE – a true MAN

From the drivetrain to the interior – top-class technology and features

The MAN eTGE in action


Ready for all Missions, except Emissions.

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Electric drivetrain or diesel engine? That depends on the application!
The roadmap
July 2018: Ready for the series launch– eTGE production is starting up at MAN.

From the drive system to the interior – top-class technology and features.

The MAN eTGE in action
Delivery logistics tailored to the customer. The MAN eTGE can do it.

Short trips and frequent stops are a matter of course when it comes to delivery transport. This is where the MAN eTGE reaches its full potential: its electric engine offers you outstanding energy and economic efficiency in inner-city distribution transport. You can also benefit from the high payload with 10.7 m³ of loading space, 24/7 use thanks to the ultra-quiet operation and the ability to drive freely in restricted-access areas.

The services for the eTGE

Always working on full power for you.

MAN Transport Solutions

In the process of switching to electromobility, fleet managers often face challenges which go beyond the vehicle itself. Our advisors can offer you tailored solutions that respond to any issues you have regarding usage and route planning, as well as required infrastructures and energy supply.

MAN Services

Whether you need maintenance or repairs – with freely combinable services, specially trained mechanics as well as MAN Genuine Parts and Accessories, we ensure that you can always stay on the road. In addition, you’ll benefit from flexible MAN workshop opening times as well as a mobility guarantee in the event of a breakdown.

MAN Mobile24

There is never a good time for a breakdown. However, if something does happen, all you have to do is call our Mobile24 number – the same number across all of Europe – and we’ll be there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If required, you’ll receive support from an MAN service vehicle from a nearby workshop.

MAN ServiceContracts

Full cost control and more efficiency. With the MAN eTGE, you’ll also benefit from tailored repair and maintenance contracts. This reduces the risk of unexpected repair costs and your expenses related to repair and maintenance management. You can find detailed information about the individual repair and maintenance contracts directly from your MAN dealership.

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The eTGE is a true MAN as you know it: robust, reliable and durable. This is particularly true for its innovative, fully electric drivetrain. We have compiled a list of answers to the most important customer questions here.

We have a workshop qualified for the eTGE in the vicinity of your area of operation. We promise you that. During vehicle handover, you’ll receive information about an MAN service outlet in your area. There you can find qualified personnel who have been specially trained for the eTGE – they’ll happily provide help and advice, meaning your vehicle can stay on the road around the clock.
According to the NEDC, the MAN eTGE has a range of up to 173 km. However, you should generally plan a sufficient reserve for the range when using an electric vehicle. We particularly recommend the eTGE for areas of application with an average daily distance of around 60 to 80 km. The vehicle is ideal for journeys in the city with a lot of stop-and-go traffic, as the high energy efficiency of the eTGE can be fully exploited in these conditions.
The MAN AC wallbox is ideal for charging your MAN eTGE at work or at your home. You can obtain the MAN AC wallbox from your MAN service centers. You will require a certified electrician for the installation. Our MAN Transport Solutions experts will be happy to advise you regarding the installation of the right charging infrastructure for your applications. The experts will also help you to operate your MAN eTGE as efficiently and economically as possible. Alternatively, you can also charge the eTGE to 80% using a CCS combo socket with 40 kW in 45 minutes, or simply connect it to a conventional 230 V socket overnight.
Series production of the MAN eTGE has just begun. As a result, it is currently available in our customers’ most frequently required variant: the panel van (L3H3). You can choose between a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes or 4.25 tonnes. The version with a 3.5 t total weight has a maximum load of 950 kg. The version with a permissible total weight of 4.5 t can take a maximum payload of 1.75 tonnes. Neither version is suitable for operation with a trailer.

No distinction is made between vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles when it comes to licences. This means that the same prerequisites that apply to transporters with diesel engines also apply to the eTGE.

Licence holders with licence category B can drive the eTGE version with a total permissible weight of 3.5 t.

Furthermore, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has issued an exception regulation for electric vehicles. According to this regulation, a car driving licence is sufficient to drive small electric vans with a maximum permissible mass of up to 4.25 tonnes.

The permission to drive electric vehicles up to a maximum permissible mass of 4,250 kilograms with driving licence class B is valid under the following conditions:

  • The vehicles are electrically driven and used in the goods haulage industry
  • The driving licence holder has undertaken additional vehicle training
  • Journeys with the electric vehicle are only domestic
  • It is not a vehicle combination

For proof of eligibility to drive an electric vehicle with a maximum permissible mass of up to 4,250 kilograms, the licence holder will, upon request, have the key number 192 with the expiry date “31/12/19” entered in column twelve of the class-B-related row of the licence. The prerequisite for this is the attestation of participation in a five-hour vehicle training course in accordance with Appendix 1 of the fourth ordinance on exceptions to the provisions of the Driving Licence Ordinance.

The MAN eTGE includes the MAN Media Van Navigation infotainment system as standard. The navigation system in the eTGE automatically shows you the closest charging option for your electric vehicle instead of the closest petrol station.

Please note that you will require a special charging card or app, depending on the charging column operator, in order to charge your eTGE. It is therefore sensible to investigate where you can find a suitable charging column in your area before setting off.

The MAN eTGE is already equipped with all the main assistant systems as standard:

The emergency brake assistant1 warns the driver if the MAN eTGE is approaching an obstacle and the driver doesn’t react or does so too late. If there is an immediate risk of an accident, the system automatically carries out an emergency braking manoeuvre (up to 30 km/h).

The Side Wall Protection Assist1 provides the driver in the eTGE with a 360° all-round view via the vehicle display and shows any possible collision hazards in the planned traffic lane. In addition, 16 ultrasonic sensors continuously measure the distance to obstacles around the vehicle. The Side Wall Protection Assist uses an acoustic signal to warn the driver as soon as the eTGE moves too close to an obstacle.

The Active Lane Assist1 recognises when the vehicle unintentionally leaves the traffic lane. In this case, it keeps the vehicle in the intended lane via regulating counter-steering. The system is automatically activated at speeds above 65 km/h and even functions when there is poor visibility or when it is dark.

The rear-view camera1 supports the driver when manoeuvring and helps them to avoid collision damage. The 8 inch colour display provides the driver with a full view of the space behind the vehicle when reversing.

Since the electric engine generates far less waste heat than a diesel engine, additional window heating has been integrated in the eTGE. This ensures optimal visibility in all weather conditions and helps to ensure a high range.


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