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With us, you can easily and economically utilise all the advantages of alternative drives

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Comprehensive consultation for your successful switch to alternative drives

From the first electric van to managing an integrated fleet mix – switching to alternative drives raises a whole range of questions. The 360° services by MAN Transport Solutions provide you with reliable answers. Competent and comprehensible.

Operational analysis and mobility concept

We analyse the current state of your business and your fleet. We use all influencing factors as a basis for developing a customised mobility concept for your cost-efficient entry into eMobility – step by step.

Charging infrastructure and energy supply

We work with you to plan the construction of the charging infrastructure, simulate vehicle deployment and charging processes and develop the perfect energy supply strategy for your business.

eMobility entry and fleet integration

We advise you on using and maintaining your electric vehicles, provide you with support in training your employees and support your service workshop as a competent partner.

Your requirements –
our solution for you

Is my business falling by the wayside?

My rolling workshop has to be reliably mobile, until the last customer at the end of each working day. Can an electric vehicle manage?

Precise analysis to the finest detail

We check whether and how eMobility entry is possible and worthwhile for you. We perform distance and range simulations and work out a cost-benefit comparison for you.

Which charging technology do I use?

With our vehicles, the manufacturers have to get to the construction site on time – every day. How do I ensure that the vehicle batteries are reliably charged for this?

Individually-optimised charging strategy

We can develop an industry-specific concept for charging infrastructure and site layout for you. We draw up charging schedules and check savings options when purchasing electricity.

I want to make future-proof deliveries!

My customers require quick, environmentally-friendly delivery services – ideally round the clock and across the whole city.

In the fleet mix, emission-free mobility is also required

We optimise your delivery routes when it comes to fully electric vehicles in your fleet, and we help you to utilise the advantages of eMobility: this also includes free travel in environmental zones, even in spite of night driving bans.









We manage your future-proof mobility

Our MAN team of experts provides you with comprehensive support. We cooperate with you to work out the finer points when it comes to all relevant issues. We’re here for you, from the initial information stage all the way to a successful concept implementation.

Central influencing factors in eMobility

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Whether you can achieve savings by switching to electromobility, as opposed to using conventionally powered vehicles, largely depends on the design of the energy supply. We test all possible means of cost optimisation for you; these include, for example, how you can exploit low-cost electricity purchasing times and avoid load peaks with staggered charging. Another example is how you can reduce energy costs by feeding in your own electricity.

Vehicle batteries are further key components of eMobility. Their condition and performance are critical to the cost-effective operation of electrified fleets.

Unavoidably, every battery will lose capacity and performance with increasing age. However, factors such as usage behaviour, maintenance and charging frequency have a significant impact on how quickly and to what extent the battery performance is reduced. Optimised battery management is therefore an essential part of our concept for your entry into eMobility.

For your business, entry into eMobility means more than simply swapping one or more vehicles; it includes your entry into the mobility of the future, with all the advantages this brings. But going electric can also bring a number of changes to your business: from route planning and daily charging to driving style and workshop equipment. For this reason, it is important that your employees and service workshop are properly prepared.

We work with the MAN Academy to train your employees, allowing them to optimally deploy your electric vehicles. We provide information on possible hazards and the correct handling of electric vehicles in the event of an accident or a defect. And we also support your service workshop as a competent partner in all questions concerning work on electric vehicles.

Charging options for your MAN eTGE

Our electric van’s charging socket is not limited to one charging system, but offers you full flexibility:

AC Wallbox

  • Compact charging unit with 7.2 kW connected load.
  • It takes just 5 hours and 20 minutes to reach full charge.

DC charging station

  • Combo socket outlet CCS with 40 kW connected load
  • Fast DC charging to 80% charge state in only 45 minutes

230 V socket

  • Allows the battery to be recharged almost anywhere
  • Complete charging of the vehicle battery, ideally overnight

The MAN eTGE: fully electric, fully reliable

Use the new MAN eTGE to turn the downsides of urban transport to your advantage: because you are now emission-free and super-silent, you can also drive into environmental zones and are usually exempt from the night driving ban. And the MAN eTGE is just as spacious as its proven MAN van counterparts.


Do you have any further questions?

Our MAN team of experts can help you to turn the benefits of alternative drives to your advantage. Arrange an appointment right away for your individual MAN Transport Solutions meeting with the experts.


City – Truck – Bus:
Future mobility with MAN

The new MAN eTGM

The new MAN eTGM

Our first fully electric MAN eTruck makes urban distribution traffic emission-free and super-silent. It shoulders just as much load capacity as the models with conventional combustion engines.

The new MAN Lion’s City G

The new MAN Lion’s City G

With its innovative MAN E18 gas drive, our new city bus adds greater quality of life to cities: it significantly reduces CO2 emissions and noise, and can easily be integrated into existing operational procedures.

The new MAN Lion’s City E

The new MAN Lion’s City E

A bus that rolls through the city emission-free and super-silent is no longer merely a dream: MAN’s first all-electric city bus brings environmental protection and economy to a common denominator.

The new MAN CitE

The new MAN CitE

Ergonomic, safe, clean: our all-electric city truck redefines urban transport – from safety through to ergonomics and design, all the way to ultimate driving comfort and an emission-free drive.