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MAN brings digital change to your MAN TGE, and networks driver, vehicle and their environment.

Connected Van – your strong partner on four wheels

With the new generation of radio and infotainment systems, the new MAN telematics box with efficient digital services fitted as standard, and the innovative 3-button module, we are making daily routines for drivers and fleet managers easier thanks to mobile services – whilst simultaneously increasing safety.

MAN TGE infotainment system

Let me entertain you!

The new generation of MAN radio and infotainment systems provide musical entertainment on the road and supply you with relevant information for a relaxed journey. Four different models available, providing a wide range of functions.

MAN Radio Van

MAN Radio Van – the entry-level radio

  • Entry-level radio (no availability for DAB+)
  • SD card slot available
  • 3-button module optionally available ex works
  • Clearly structured arrangement of keys

MAN Media Van

MAN Media Van – the classic with touchscreen

  • 6.5-inch TFT colour display with touchscreen
  • DAB+ available
  • Includes 3-button module, hands-free system and MAN SmartLink for connecting a smartphone via cable
  • Music streaming services usable via smartphone (MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlayTM, Android AutoTM)

MAN Media Van Business

MAN Media Van Business – for superior comfort

  • 8-inch TFT colour display with touchscreen
  • DAB+ available
  • Including 3-button module
  • Wireless MAN SmartLink for connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth or WLAN (WiFi)
  • Use of online services (weather updates, current news) without live traffic function

MAN Media Van Business Navigation

MAN Media Van Business Navigation – the all-inclusive package

  • 8-inch TFT colour display with touchscreen
  • DAB+ available
  • Including 3-button module
  • Wireless MAN SmartLink for connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth or WLAN (WiFi)
  • Includes two-year licence for navigation function with live traffic data and regular map updates (contract extension via MAN Now possible)
  • Use of online services (weather updates, current news)

The 3-button module in the MAN TGE

Triple points for your safety and comfort

The 3-button module in the MAN TGE offers fast help in case of an emergency, breakdown or if you have questions about the vehicle.

Emergency call, MAN Breakdown Service and MAN Info call services can be operated via the new 3-button module in the roof console of your vehicle. Together with the MAN telematics box installed in the vehicle, it is your constant companion for emergencies, breakdown assistance or for technical questions about the vehicle and its operation.

EU emergency call

In case of serious accidents with casualties, every second counts. Using the red emergency call button, the driver can reach the nearest emergency call centre directly without a smartphone. This happens automatically when an airbag is triggered. To ensure that rescue measures can be initiated quickly, additional information defined by legislation, such as the location of the accident, is automatically transmitted to the emergency call centre.

MAN Breakdown Service

In the event of a breakdown, the driver is connected to a member of staff at the MAN Mobile24 emergency call centre via an automatic voice call by pressing the MAN Breakdown Service button. All relevant vehicle data, such as vehicle location or fault codes, are transmitted automatically. The MAN Mobile24 employee will also inform the nearest MAN workshop so that the vehicle can be repaired quickly and according to requirements.

MAN Info call

To clarify vehicle-related questions, the driver can also reach the MAN Mobile24 centre via the MAN Info call button. A Mobile24 employee is immediately on hand to provide advice and assistance.

MAN DigitalServices

Telematics solutions for your vans: MAN DigitalServices

Innovative fleet management for suppliers and service providers.

With MAN DigitalServices you always keep an eye on your vehicles, thus ensuring transparent fleet management: You can locate your vehicles at any time and – if necessary – intervene in route planning. Thanks to the comprehensive trip and deployment data provided by the automatic tachograph and driver card evaluation, you can plan the route more efficiently. Based on this data, you can also identify optimisation potential for your fleet, thereby reducing the operating costs and fuel consumption of your fleet in the long term.

To MAN Digital Hub

MAN SmartLink

Mobile phone use behind the wheel? Only with MAN SmartLink!

With MAN SmartLink you connect your smartphone to your infotainment system by cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth or WLAN (WiFi), so you can control selected smartphone apps via touchscreen or other control elements. Even while driving.

Voice control in the MAN TGE

Hello TGE!

Selected functions of your infotainment system can be conveniently operated via voice control. Both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

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